A slightly late last issue of 2016, which I hope you will find of interest. We have had a good year at The Otorhinolaryngologist with some excellent papers submitted for which I am very grateful. The production department are continuously improving the on-line facility which I would encourage you to use; all of us are having to provide more evidence for our appraisals and the journal along with the on-line questions remain a good vehicle to obtain CPD.

Simon Carr has now graduated to becoming a consultant and leaves the trainee section in the capable hands of Sandeep Mistry. I am grateful to Simon for his excellent work over the years and he has kindly agreed to continue working with the journal as a reviewer.

Please do continue to send in your papers. Enjoy the issue and please do send me any comments you have via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

With best wishes for 2017.

Sanjai Sood
Editor in Chief

Welcome to the summer edition of The Otorhinolaryngologist. As ever we have an educationally filled journal with some superb reviews and practical information. As ever I encourage you to use the CPD section of the website too.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Iain Bruce, our paediatric ENT section editor, for his efforts of over the past few years as he leaves the journal. He has contributed and reviewed a large number of articles for the journal and Sanjai and myself are indebted to him. I would also like to welcome Yogesh Bajaj, who fills his place and I know holds medical education close to his heart and is warmly welcomed.

As ever I encourage all who read the journal to continue to submit and support their teams submissions which maintain the high educational value of the journal. I also remind you of our Update meeting in December 2016 the details of which are on the website.

Wishing you a wonderful summer

Francis Vaz
Co-Editor of The Otorhinolaryngologist


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