Nurse-led ‘one stop’ clinic for elective tonsillectomy referrals: patient satisfaction of the service

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Background: Nurse-led pre-admission clinics were established by the need for delivering a cost-effective service that would improve management of waiting-lists. These have been shown to have high patient satisfaction. A nurse-led ‘one stop’ rapid access clinic for elective tonsillectomy referrals was introduced in 2006 in the ENT department of Lincoln County hospital.

Aim: The aim of this audit was to determine patient satisfaction of these clinics following their implementation.

Methodology: All patients referred for and offered tonsillectomy at this clinic in August 2007 were included in the audit. They were asked to participate in a telephone questionnaire survey on their satisfaction with the procedure and consultation.

Results: Most patients (78.3%) were happy to be seen by a nurse rather than the doctor with the remaining 22.7% having reservations. Our findings showed a 100% patient satisfaction with this service.

Conclusion: Nurse-led rapid access rapid access tonsillectomy clinics deliver an effective, resourceful and safe service provision which is regarded to be most satisfactory to patients.

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