Intercollegiate Exam Viva: Cholesteatoma

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A 28 year-old lady presents to clinic with a 6 week history of intermittent left otorrhoea, mild otalgia, and hearing loss. This is what you see on otoscopy. Describe your findings.

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  • Comment Link Friday, 11 December 2015 22:42 posted by Petru Vaida

    "I would place the patient in the reverse
    Trendelenburg position to reduce the risk of an air embolus,
    although such a manoeuvre does increase venous pressure." - in the Trendelenburg position the body is laid flat on the back with feet 15-30 degrees higher than the head, in contrast to the reverse Trendelenburg position, which is the opposite. I suspect the author wanted to suggest placing the patient in Trendelenburg position, not reverse Trendelenburg, to avoid air embolus.


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