Project aims to identify and examine tracheostomy related return visits to hospital system. Hypothesized that there are frequent tracheostomy related returns, and that these are clustered close to time of initial discharge. Goal was to use information to generate targeted intervention prior to first discharge to decrease return rate.

The 2014 NCEPOD report illustrated a complication rate of 25.2% in a study of over 2,500 tracheostomy patients. Good quality care requires a team-based integrated practice from multiple healthcare professionals. The benefits of medical teaching using webinar software are becoming increasingly realised. Webinars are an accessible tool and are therefore uniquely placed to deliver interprofessional education.

Above Cuff Vocalisation involves passing retrograde gas flow via the subglottic suction port of standard tracheostomy tubes. We studied in detail the effectiveness and adverse effects of this underutilised technique in ten ventilator dependant critically ill patients.

The care of tracheostomy patients is complex, requiring expertise from professionals across specialties for optimal management of airway, communication, and nursing needs. This systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis aims to assess whether multidisciplinary teams for tracheostomy management, compared to usual care, improve outcomes for patients with tracheostomies.

Austin Health, The Global Tracheostomy Collaborative (GTC) and the Royal Children’s Hospital hosted the 5th International Tracheostomy Symposium (ITS) on October 11, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. Since the inaugural ITS in 2011 in Melbourne the ITS has grown to become the premier event in tracheostomy care worldwide.

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