Idiopathic Facial Nerve Paralysis: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment

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Bell’s palsy, which is a partial or complete idiopathic lower motor neuron facial paralysis is the commonest diagnosis amongst the myriad of possible causes of this distressing and functionally debilitating condition. A clinical diagnosis is usually possible, with classical features in the history and examination. Investigations are usually only required in those cases which do not present or recover in the classical manner: such investigations aim to exclude other less common causes of facial palsy. Treatment primarily involves corticosteroid and antiviral regimens, with a very limited role for surgery, perhaps in recurrent palsy or in individuals with incomplete recovery. Recent studies have provided evidence for these medical interventions.

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  • Authors: CJ Skilbeck, FK Seymour, Prof SR Saeed
  • Keywords: Idiopathic facial palsy, Bell’s palsy, Facial paralysis, Facial weakness, Cranial nerve palsy.
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