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Rare Subtype of Localised Nasal Amyloidosis

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Introduction: Localised amyloidosis is a rare finding in the nasal mucosa. Our objective was to present a case of nasal amyloidosis, illustrate the complexity of subtype analysis, and examine the evidence for management options.

Methods: Case note examination and literature review of nasal amyloidosis was undertaken using Pubmed and the Cochrane database.
Results: A patient presented with unilateral nasal obstruction and was found to have left sided nasal polyposis. Immunohistochemistry assisted the diagnosis of non-AA amyloid from the nasal biopsies. Investigations for systemic amyloidosis were negative.
Conclusion: This is the first documented case in the literature of localised nasal amyloid of non-AA subtype. Due to the rare presentation of this pathology there is limited data regarding optimal management to prevent recurrence.

Additional Info

  • Authors: A Cunningham, S Kalwani, N Alsanjari & G Fayad
  • Keywords: Nasal polyposis, Non-AA localised amyloidosis, nasal obstruction.
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