Publication trends in Otorhinolaryngology journals in the United Kingdom over a 20-year period

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Objectives: To look for any change in trends in the country of origin of papers published by UK Otorhinolaryngology journals over a twenty-year period.

Methods: Articles published in Clinical Otolaryngology(CO) and the Journal of Laryngology and Otology(JLO) in 1992,2002 and 2012 were analysed and the country of origin of the lead author recorded comparing the contributions from UK authors to those from the Rest of the World(ROW).

Results: 1073 articles were published from both journals originating from 53 different countries. Both CO and JLO showed a statistically significant decrease in the proportion of contributions from the UK compared with the ROW with a drop from 63% to 47% and 53% to 39% respectively from 2002 to 2012.

Conclusions: An increasing proportion of articles in both journals are originating abroad, likely due, in part, to the internet. It may become harder for UK based surgeons to have their work published.

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