What antibiotics should we administer for paediatric orbital cellulitis? A national survey of NHS Trusts within the United Kingdom

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Paediatric orbital cellulitis is an ENT emergency. It is managed by Otolaryngologists, Paediatricians and Ophthalmologists, however management options may differ. Here we have attempted to identify and understand the antimicrobial regimes most commonly employed throughout the UK.

ENT teams in 40 units were contacted through a questionnaire-based survey. Twenty-eight units responded (response rate 70%) of which ten trusts reported no policy requiring joint input from paediatrics, ENT and ophthalmology and six trusts had no antimicrobial guidelines. Commonest antibiotic regimes were ceftriaxone with metronidazole, ceftriaxone alone, or co-amoxiclav.

Furthermore, a literature search of the various antimicrobial policies was carried out and advice was sought from a specialist microbiology department.

The evidence suggests no general consensus on antibiotic policy of this ENT Emergency. We discuss the rationale behind the various antimicrobial regimes commonly employed from the evidence and expert microbiology advice.

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  • Authors: S Mahalingam, C Limb, R Srinivasan, P Riley & S Khemani
  • Keywords: Paediatric orbital cellulitis, orbital abscess, antibiotic
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