In the past 10 years, tracheostomy- related catastrophic events have galvanized the international community. The most startling realization in the wake of these findings was that most of these catastrophic events were preventable, arising from avoidable shortfalls in education, preventive, or rescue measures. The Global Tracheostomy Collaborative (GTC) emerged with a vision of safe tracheostomy care worldwide for patients through building a learning community that promoted key drivers of improved care. A cornerstone of this effort has been patientcentered multidisciplinary teams.

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This abstract describes an ongoing quality improvement initiative utilizing high fidelity simulation emergency training for family caregivers of tracheostomy and ventilator-dependent children. We have expanded simulation training for family caregivers of tracheostomy-dependent children without ventilator dependence and established a new standard of care for our Ventilator Care Program.

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Overnight polysomnography provides useful information in the liberation from respiratory technology process. Liberation from home mechanical ventilation and decannulation strategies vary due to lack of clinical practice standards. Our study aimed at evaluating our practice utilizing polysomnography in the liberation process in tracheostomized children with and without home mechanical ventilation.

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Verbal communication affects patient autonomy. Communication is limited in intubated patients causing frustration. Our study aimed at evaluating the outcomes of patients using a talking tracheostomy. The goal is to promote communication between patients and healthcare providers in the ICU and evaluate the impact on quality of life.

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Our study aimed to analyze insurance-related barriers patients face when attempting to receive medical care for their tracheostomy. The goal is to document the variability in coverage and information accessibility that patients face when trying to obtain health insurance.

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