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Fiona Stanley Hospital Tracheostomy Safety Training Day: How an Inter-professional Course is Meeting Key Recommendations for Care of Patients with an Altered Airway

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Recommendations for the safe care of patients with altered airways are made by “On the Right Trach” (NCEPOD) and the NTSP. An Interprofessional Tracheostomy Safety Training Day has been run at Fiona Stanley Hospital since 2015. The course provides a combination of lectures, hands-on equipment familiarisation, high-fidelity simulation and debriefing to teach participants about routine and emergency care of patients with tracheostomy and laryngectomy.

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  • Authors: C Haddock, K Katsoulis, K Nehyba, S Warne, J Anderson, T Leahy & MM Westwood
  • Keywords: The Otorhinolaryngologist, Tracheostomy, Altered Airway
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