Vocal cord injection for a rare case of Left Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve paralysis in a sarcoid patient with vulnerability

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This is a case report of a rare manifestation of sarcoidosis presented for the first time as left recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy. It has been only few reports of such cases in literature. 46 years lady presented to the ENT department with hoarseness of voice of acute duration without other symptoms related and generally of good wellbeing. Suffers only of obesity. Naso-endoscopic examinations showed no abnormalities were related to a local pathology involving the laryngeal region.

Imaging studies of neck and chest showed mediastinal masses diagnosed later with biopsies as lymphatic tissues confirming a sarcoid granuloma. The mediastinal mass showed no compression phenomimes over the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the aetiology was relegated to the inflammatory mechanisms affect the nerve secondary to sarcoidosis. The patient was treated with local vocal cord injection and steroids were not suggested considering patient’s obesity and weight gain which worsening patient health status.

Additional Info

  • Authors: M El-Amin, A Rajeev & A Khalid
  • Keywords: sarcoidosis, recurrent laryngeal nerve, paralysis, palsy, vocal cord injection, Mononeuritis multiplex, dysphonia, hoarseness of voice
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